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Head & Back Massage
(30 mins./60 mins.)

Excellent for Jet-lag, overworked and tired muscles.
Price/Bath: 700.-/1200.-

Traditional Thai Massage
(60 min / 90 min / 120 min)

Ancient Thai technique will harmonize your vital life energies.
Price/Bath: 1000-/1400-/1600-

Vara Thai Herbal Hot Compress
(120 mins.)

The acupressure technique works to release blockages muscle aches and pains also benefit. Restores comfort balances and harmonize the senses utilizing an aromatic Thai herbal heated compress.
Price/Bath: 2100.-

Aroma Oil Massage
(60 mins./90 mins./120 mins.)

Hot oil massage to relax and enjoy with professional advisor. Complete head to toe treatment.
Price/Bath: 1200.-/1800.-/2000.-

Swedish Massage
(60 mins./90 mins.)

Most of experience stress in varying levels on a day to day basic. Makes the organs of our body function under duress.
Price/Bath: 1400.-/1800.-

Sport Massage
(60 mins./90 mins.)

Deep tissue massage especially helpful for chronically tense and contractes areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness and sore shoulders.
Price/Bath: 1400.-/1800.-

Vara Aromatic Thai Herbal
(90 mins./120 mins.)

This treatment is combination aromatherapy and Thai therapy to let your muscle relax and nourishing your skin
– Aroma oil massage
– Thai herbal hot compress.
Price/Bath: 2000.-/2200.-

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