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Phuket Set Dinner

Roydi restaurant is delighted to serve you an unique dining experience “Authentic Phuket Cuisine” All beautiful dishes has been created in true Thai southern style, inspiration by local ingredient and history of cooking art. A set and a la carte are available at Roydi Restaurant by Our local born chef and his crew, who is expert on local ingredients. All dishes are display in beautiful Sino ceramic pottery and in traditional Tiffin called PinTo

Pinto” is derived from the word “Pinto” in Portuguese , mean a Tiffin bottom layer is usually slightly larger than the other popular Rice put the other layers. May enter any other dessert or side dish.

Tiffin for students to use the food eaten during the day. Or who work outside the home. In addition, the Buddhists are also very popular tiffin food to monks in the morning or lunch at a restaurant delivery service. Tiffin is a popular food.

Roydi is word of southern Thailand means Delicious. Roydi serves authentic Thai cuisine in beautifully crafted air-conditioned and open terrace lookover Sino-Portuguese architecture


A la carte Menu

Mee Sa pao (Fried pork Sapum)
(Stir fried rice noodles with pork SAPAM)
Mhoo Toon Ya Jean
(Pork Braised Chinese Herbal soup with pork bones)
Gang Lieng Gook Sod
(Vegetable soup, herb and phuket prawns)
Mhoo Kua Klur
(Roasted pork with garlic, pepper and salt)
Mhoo Hong
( pork stewed in the Chinese gravy)
Gang Daeng Nue Poo
(Red curry with crab meat)
Tom Som Phuket
(Clear sour pork soup with vegetables and thai herbal herbs)
Naam Prik Goong Sieb
(Phuket style dried prawn and chilli dip)
Gang Lueng
(Pork with yellow curry paste)
Oh-Ew (Phuket Sweet 49

Sawaddi Phuketien set for two 365.- THB

Sawaddi Phuketien Afternoon tea

Personal set 99.- THB
Large set for two 279.-THB